Greeters Newcomers Club 
P.O. Box 51222, Bowling Green,
 Kentucky  42102 

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Credo: "If All The Outstretched Hands Could Touch In Friendship"

 Bowling Green
  Community Greeters Newcomers Club

The purpose of this organization shall be the development of fellowship among new residents and their assimilation into civic life and social activities of the community.

Note:   There are no coffees until September.  The September and October Coffees will be held at the Bowling Green Public Library
The location of the meetings is
The Bowling Green Public Library, Bob Kirby Branch. Next to Greenwood High School behind Culvers.
New residents of Warren County, Kentucky, may join within two years of residency, or during the amnesty months of September and October.  An application form is available from the Club Treasurer.  Dues cover one year from June 1 to May 31st.  A new member joining after January 1 will owe one-half of the current dues.
Membership is maintained by paying yearly dues June 1st through September 15th as established by the Club.  Dues may be paid at a coffee, luncheon or by mailing them to the Club Treasurer.
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